creative expression through textiles


Art Through Textiles, formed in 1983, is an exhibiting group based in Sheffield with members from Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and the North Midlands.

We are from a wide variety of backgrounds but have a common love of all textile skills as a means of creative expression and a wish to share just how rich, exciting, diverse and versatile textiles can be.

Art Through Textiles is one of the largest non-affiliated textile groups in the UK. A strong membership of up to 90 meet regularly to run a lively, informative programme of talks and workshops led by members, invited artists and craftspeople. Members are regularly offered the opportunity to exhibit together.

The work we produce makes use of all techniques and approaches. Thoughtful research, design, attention to detail and presentation are hallmarks of work by our artists. The group is responsible for creating strong, supportive friendships and encouraging creative confidence.